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About us

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our staff:
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Nichole Payney Staff Pic.jpg
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Rev. Patrick Price

Interim Minister


Nichole Collins Payney

Office Administrator


Ken Johnson

Director of Religious Education


Not Pictured 12.12_edited.jpg
Jeff Danielson


Gates Thomas.jpg
Gates Thomas

Music Director

our current board:

Chair -             Lori McCollum

Vice Chair -     Bill Stengel

Clerk -             Darcy Anderson

Treasurer -      John DeGreve

Trustee -         Gale Springer

Trustee -         Miryam Andrews Ohlman

Trustee -         Linda Pratt

Lori McCollum - Chair 24-25

Lori McCollum - Chair

Darcy Anderson - Clerk 24-25

Darcy Anderson - Clerk

John DeGreve - Treasurer 24-25

John DeGreve - Treasurer

Miryam AO - 24-25

Miryam Andrews-Ohlman

Linda Pratt - 24-25

Linda Pratt

our mission & Vision:

Our MISSION is Creating Beloved Community and our VISION is to be an inclusive place of belonging that works for social justice, and is inspired by our Principles.

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