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Part of our mission is making our world a better community. We do that by being inclusive, showing ourselves friendly, loving, warm and inviting. When you walk in our doors, we not only want you to feel like you are welcome, but that you have found a place of belonging.

Currently active ministries include:


Board Liaison - Barb Thompson



The funciton of Administration at UUCQC is to provide an overall sense of organization and structure. 

The current Teams and Committees are:

Board Liaison - Lori McCollum


Our programming provides enrichment for all ages and is meant to also build the community we hold dear - inside and outside of our walls.


The active programs in place are:


Source Groups:

Board Liaison - Miryam Andrews Ohlman

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How we thrive depends on how we take care of our responsibilities. We have derived these important ministries to keeps us thriving for years to come.


Your knowledge, skills and talents could be a great asset to the following committees:  

Board Liaison - Alice Martin


Want to transform your spiritual principles into positive, peaceful action, improving our church, community, and world better and making them more just?  Want to advocate civil rights and civil liberties as well as engage in local, national, and international activities that oppose oppression?  If you are moved to make this a better world, we invite you to join us in one of our many activities.


The active programs in place are:

Board Liaison - Darcy Anderson

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